What is a Floorstopper™ ?

A Floorstopper™ is a highly impactful 3D flat surface sticker that incorporates patented Virtual

Illusion technology using exclusive 3M material.

What are Floorstoppers™ ?

We 3D specialists based in Malaysia that handles the design, production and installation of

Floorstoppers™ within a number of media distribution channels.

How would a Floorstoppers™ benefit my company?

When deployed through a targeted media channel, a Floorstopper™ functions as highly impactful

and cost-effective advertising platform.

Are Floorstoppers™ only limited to floors?

A Floorstopper™ is ideal for any flat surface that is smooth and non-porous.

Where can a Floorstopper™ be installed?

Hypermarkets, shopping malls, gas stations, restaurants, transport hubs, nightclubs, billboards, stadiums, airports and

exhibition malls are just a few of the deployment scenarios that our experienced 3D Engineers have design experience in.

Can a Floorstopper™ be installed on a non-flat surface?

Certain allowances need to be made for proper installation. These allowances may detract from the optimum impact

of the 3D design.

Is there a particular Floorstopper™ design format?

We are able to handle any type of design, but we find that our best work has been achieved using:

1. Highly impactful photos and 3D effects
2. Die-cut graphics instead of square cut patches.
3. Bold and minimal text to communicate simple but powerful messages effectively.

What is the average size of a 3D ad?

The average sized Floorstopper™ measures 4ft by 6 ft, but we are capable of designing anything ranging from a sticker

on a window to a billboard on a highway.

Is there a Minimum Order Quantity?

There is none

What is the design period for a Floorstopper™ ?

It takes 2-3 weeks to get from the initial Concept Design to Final 3D Artwork (depending on the complexity of the design).

How long does it take to print a Floorstopper™ ?

The printing process takes between 3-5 working days.

What is the average cost per Floorstopper™ ?

Please refer to our competitively priced Rate Card.

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