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A Floorstopper™ is essentially a flat surface sticker which, when looked at from a specific distance and height, will appear to be three-dimensional (3D).

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Floorstoppers has worked with some of the top brands both locally and internationally and we always strive to push the boundaries of creative concepts to captivate and amaze our audience. Have a look at some of our previous work here.

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Floorstoppers™is 100% wholly owned by MagiqADs Sdn Bhd, a full service media marketing and management firm that specializes in in-store retail media and is based in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

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We’re always on the look out for the best talent in the market. If you feel you have what it takes to evolve our 3D product range globally, please send your CV to careers@floorstoppers.com

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